Expert views on the Benchmark

The pharmaceutical industry’s role in tackling drug-resistant infections extends beyond developing new treatments. The AMR Benchmark makes clear where companies are making commendable efforts to tackle this urgent global health problem – and it shows where further effort must now be focused. Wellcome is committed to working with industry and governments to answer the questions this report raises, by supporting new product development, and helping ensure antibiotics, old and new, are used appropriately and are available to all patients who need them.

This independent Antimicrobial Resistance Benchmark is a huge step forward and shines a light on the pharmaceutical industry’s progress in tackling drug-resistant infections. It can help pave the way for a transparent learning culture where best practice is shared, progress celebrated, and gaps where further work is needed are identified

The AMR Benchmark brings much-needed clarity to how pharmaceutical companies approach AMR, which means investors can assess how pharmaceutical companies manage opportunities and risks created by drug-resistant infections. Such scrutiny by investors will spur pharma executives to greater activity.

The Sustainable Development Goals will only be achieved through close collaboration between the public and private sectors. Independent, data-driven benchmarks are essential to tracking and assessing progress against the world’s biggest challenges. This new Antimicrobial Resistance Benchmark will enable business, government, and civil society to work together to create a healthier, safer world against the emerging global threat posed by superbugs.

The AMR Benchmark is the first independent initiative that evaluates what pharmaceutical companies are doing to address AMR. It is clearly encouraging to see some actions to reduce the environmental pollution of antibiotics from manufacturing. However, there is still much room for improvement, particularly with regards to transparency. Incentives from outside, like the AMR Benchmark, are critically important to make sure that the pharmaceutical industry keeps moving forward.

We desperately need new antibiotics, but we can’t let the new ones go to waste. The AMR Benchmark is an important tool to spur progress on innovation, appropriate use, and clean manufacturing, providing an independent assessment following the Davos Declaration and the Industry Roadmap released in 2016.

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