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Antimicrobial Resistance Benchmark 2018

What pharmaceutical companies are doing to curb AMR
First independent assessment

2018 Antimicrobial Resistance Benchmark

The first detailed analysis of pharma company action against AMR, covering antimicrobial R&D, responsible manufacturing and appropriate access and stewardship.

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"There are real solutions for slowing AMR. By identifying who is taking action, we can help good ideas to spread."

Jayasree K. Iyer, Executive Director, Access to Medicine Foundation

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Benchmark performance

GSK and Johnson & Johnson take the broadest approaches against AMR. Mylan, Cipla, Fresenius Kabi lead the generic companies. Entasis pulls ahead of the biopharmaceutical companies.

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Company report cards

30 detailed report cards set out how each company performs against the Benchmark metrics, including portfolio and pipeline analyses and opportunities for further action.

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News & events
27 September 2018
Foundation hosts high-level meeting in Mumbai on access to medicine and AMR

On 5 September 2018, the Access to Medicine Foundation convened executives from the pharmaceutical industry in India and globally, for a day-long meeting in Mumbai, India, to discuss

research SCOPES

Company scope30 companies


Disease scopeInfectious diseases/pathogens


Product scopeAntimicrobial medicines and vaccines


Geographic scopeGlobal


A. Research & Development

This area assesses:

  • Antimicrobial pipelines of medicines and vaccines
  • R&D for pathogens defined as AMR priorities by WHO
  • Investments in R&D
  • Plans for ensuring successful candidates are available and used wisely
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B. Manufacturing & Production

This area assesses:

  • Strategies for reducing antibiotic discharge in factory wastewaters
  • Whether strategies are applied to third-party suppliers
  • Companies’ commitment to Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Transparency around audits and environmental risk management
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C. Appropriate Access & Stewardship

This area assesses:

  • Whether companies educate healthcare professionals on antibiotic stewardship
  • Pricing and registration of antibiotics
  • Practices related to appropriate antibiotic marketing and promotion
  • How companies support efforts to track resistance (surveillance)
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